Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Einstein & Eddington, 2008 - Philip Martin

Although this film was made for TV, I thought it was worth mentioning. The story of Einstein working toward and finally arriving at, the General Theory of Relativity, is perhaps not the typical subject for a dramatic film. If you're not aware of the real life story behind this, Arthur Eddington was the man who helped prove some of Einstein's theories, which then propelled Einstein to worldwide celebrity. This film went to lengths in showing the toll their passions take on their professional and personal lives. Devoting as much time to the science and process, as to the women in their lives, we are made witness to two very different men with a common goal. The story takes place during the First World War, which acts as a hurdle both must overcome in the name of science. The two men's very different approaches to pretty much everything, contrast heavily, yet of course, there is the mutual love for the work. Which is also a contrast, Eddington is the consummate empirical researcher, and Einstein the genius theorist. Falling well within the framework you'd expect from a made for TV movie, we are still treated to a great cast. The biggest departure from that framework is in the two excellent British actors; David Tennant of Dr. Who fame and the terrific character actor Andy Serkis turn in keen portrayals. In watching the two, we also see a contrast in acting styles. Tennant, the Royal Shakespeare Co. grad, whose persona shines through all his work, and is backed by a very well tuned actor's instrument. Then Serkis, who's approach is of the immersive chameleon-like variety. I enjoy seeing both these gentlemen turn up in roles and hope there's plenty more from them on the horizon. 
This film was viewed on HBOs HD

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