Monday, April 5, 2010

L4YER CAKE, 2004 - Matthew Vaughn

I was convalescing a pulled tooth last week; too lazy to get up and insert a blu ray disk, I caught this movie just as it was starting. Let me just say, avoid any movie that substitutes a number for a letter in the title, when it seemingly has no meaning except to look cool. Layer Cake wasn't terrible, like many of the new slate of crime dramas to come out of England. It is however, very underwhelming and over usese a sexy camera style to compensate for the lack of story. The eminently cool Daniel Craig, delivers another hard nosed, machoized performance. Lucky for him he does these so well. The rest of the cast comes through with terrific characterizations in support of a film that lacks a compelling purpose for them. It's a pity the cast had to wallow through the weak narrative and over wrought plot line. These are the types of movies that need to rely on ever more intricate plot devices to keep you watching. It's always easy to spot a film that lacks in substance right at the get go. Is the camera being extra busy doing things to keep you interested? Yes? Then you know what you're in for. A film with a solid screenplay rarely has to do that because the frame is filled with relevant content that's always furthering the story. 
This film was viewed on IFC HD

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