Sunday, March 28, 2010

Green Zone, 2010 - Paul Greengrass

Stylishly consistent with Greengrass's earlier efforts, Green Zone misses in message and content. I was very surprised that this was his next film after his last. Considering other fictions to come from Iraq, GZ comes off as the weakest. One can't even make the case that what populates GZ is a mish mash of unused segments from the Bourne films. It's more like he gave Jason Bourne his memory back, and rehashed a bunch of Bourne moments, setting them in a fictional story inspired by true events. Therefore all the intended surprises(?) were the stuff we'd all seen play out on the evening news. This film offers nothing new for all involved. The story had the typical trappings, mcguffins, and characters you'd expect from a lesser filmmaker. Who was this film made for? The two people that have been living under a rock for the last seven years that need to see the deceptions of the Iraq War in a dramatized form? In a career that up till now was on a trajectory for teflon status, this film is a big step backward for Greengrass. I kept hoping this film would go into some more surprising territory, instead it simply played out like a very standard actioner.  The question I kept asking was, "Why Greengrass, why?"
This film was viewed at The Tribeca Cinemas, Manhattan

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